The good news is I finished my book, Kitchen Skills for the Backyard Homesteader.  The bad news is it won't be published until August 2015.  The good news is I can finally take a day off.  The bad news is that it is too hot to do anything but sit at my computer in my air-conditioned office.

I just harvested 15 pounds of strawberries at Norris Berry Farm in Monkton, Vt.  I've made jam and pie and you can read about it, look at the pictures, and make a pie yourself with the recipe on my blog page. Roots and Leaves.

Woodchucks have invaded Ripton!  I suspect misguided valley dwellers with have-a-heart traps.  We started seeing them three years ago.  Now it is an infestation.  We have "dispatched" one, but two juveniles have made a home under our porch.  They have eaten my peas--planted in three different spots-- and one of my green bean plantings.  I tried sharing, but they just won't share.  Selfish creatures.  What should we do?

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